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Fakemon/Trainer/Body part Sketch
Nararas Sketch by Cid-Fox
Ippocampo by Cid-Fox
Cavallucci marini by Cid-Fox
(You need to have a clear idea before asking this type of commission)
Fakemon coloring
Contest: Savarupi - Jumpiro - Oreovann by Cid-Fox
Contest: Helicroc - Heliloon - Heligiga by Cid-Fox
Contest: Tartario - Tartano - Saburuga by Cid-Fox
(the price is for each individual fakemon)
Trainer coloring
Allenatore - Stella by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Icarus by Cid-Fox     Rebeld by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Rad by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Adventurette by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Fanny 2 by Cid-Fox 


Sugipractice on Tartario by Cid-Fox
Sugipractice on Tartario
Hi to everyone! :)
Recently I am trying to study the style of Ken Sugimori.
I'm still far away, but this is the first real attempt to imitate the ways in which him applies the shadows and highlights.
What do you think?
Any good advice is welcome.

PS: The above is my fakemon Tartario, you can find his evolutionary line here
: Contest: Tartario - Tartano - Saburuga
All my Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions by Cid-Fox
All my Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions
This is the total list, nearing completion, of all the characters I have made for my Fakemon five generations. Each of them has been designed to fit within the Fakemon in every generation and the climate and environment of the region to which they belong. Each time I will create a new one, I will update the file, and put a link for every new drawing! :) I hope you like (they are always in draft stage!)

I Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Vann (Water)
2) Demis (Psychic)
3) Teresa (Ground)
4) Piro (Fire)
5) Quinto (Grass)
6) Pinta (Electric)
7) Christian (Ice)
8) Massimo (Fighting)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Areste (Dark)
10) Perla (Acqua)
11) Lothar (Fighting)
12) Vittorio (Dragon)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Verbena

II Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Bianca (Normal)
2) Tea (Fighting)
3) Yago (Dark)
4) Pietro (Rock)
5) Violante (Flying)
6) Ulfo (Ghost)
7) Igno (Fire)
8) Herman (Psychic)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Azzurrina (Ice)
10) Saverio (Fire)
11) Celeste (Water) Elite Four - Second Generation - Celeste
12) Achille (Dragon) Elite Four - Second Generation - Achille
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Seth

III Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Cornelio (Bug)…
2) Riccio (Rock)
3) Dina (Dragon)
4) Eliana (Grass)
5) Oscar (Steel)
6) Roy (Ice)
7) Zeno (Poison)
8) Marina (Water)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Shiro (Dark)
10) Ettore (Fighting)
11) Ambra (Ghost)
12) Ginevra (Dragon)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Rain

IV Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Venanzio (Poison)
2) Flaminia (Fire)
3) Milena (Psychic)
4) Glenda (Ice)
5) Kevin (Electric)…
6) Apollo (Flying)
7) Cleo (Dark)
8) Libero (Water)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Fedro (Bug)
10) Palladia (Steel)
11) Battista (Grass)
12) Adamo (Normal)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Eva

V Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Duccio (Ground)
2) Gilbert (Ice)
3) Rachele e Rebecca (Fighting)…
4) Ruggero (Rock)
5) Scarlet (Normal)
6) Araldo (Grass)
7) Susan (Bug)
8) Zelinda (Dragon)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Siriano (Psychic)
10) Norberto (Fire)
11) Prisco (Dark)
12) Elettra (Electric)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Lauer
Elite Four - Second Generation - Achille by Cid-Fox
Elite Four - Second Generation - Achille
Elite Four - Second Generation


Bullet; Blue Specialization: Dragon type Fakemon
Bullet; Blue Generation of membership: Second
Bullet; Blue Elite Four Number: Fourth
Bullet; Blue Age: 28
Bullet; Blue Favorite phrase: "When I was young my parents abandoned me and I was raised by the dragon type fakemons! Now I'll show the symbiosis I have with them!"


Superquattro - Seconda generazione


Bullet; Blue Specializzazione: Fakemon tipo drago
Bullet; Blue Generazione di appartenenza: Seconda
Bullet; Blue Numero superquattro: Quarto
Bullet; Blue Età: 28
Bullet; Blue Frase preferita: "Quando ero piccolo i miei genitori mi abbandonarono e sono stato cresciuto da dei fakemon di tipo drago! Ora ti dimostrerò la simbiosi che ho con loro!"

Fakemon in team:

Pokeball #103 Dreleech 103 - Draleech

Pokeball #138 Chlorosaur <da:thumb id="302474276">

Pokeball #230 Scalboss 230 - Scalboss
Excuse me, were I can find the castle? by Cid-Fox
Excuse me, were I can find the castle?
A simple composition in medieval - fantasy - fakemon style!
In the picture there are some of my fakemons:
#139 Stegodon <da:thumb id="302486271">
#183 Flowad <da:thumb id="309572884">
#212 Koalage <da:thumb id="316300034">
#275 Farfagir <da:thumb id="339816840">
#278 Macabo <da:thumb id="340804761">
#314 Stovemo <da:thumb id="357099912">

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