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Fakemon/Trainer/Body part Sketch
Nararas Sketch by Cid-Fox
Ippocampo by Cid-Fox
Cavallucci marini by Cid-Fox
(You need to have a clear idea before asking this type of commission)
Fakemon coloring
Contest: Savarupi - Jumpiro - Oreovann by Cid-Fox
Contest: Helicroc - Heliloon - Heligiga by Cid-Fox
Contest: Tartario - Tartano - Saburuga by Cid-Fox
(the price is for each individual fakemon)
Trainer coloring
Allenatore - Stella by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Icarus by Cid-Fox     Rebeld by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Rad by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Adventurette by Cid-Fox Allenatore - Fanny 2 by Cid-Fox 


All my Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions by Cid-Fox
All my Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions
This is the total list, nearing completion, of all the characters I have made for my Fakemon five generations. Each of them has been designed to fit within the Fakemon in every generation and the climate and environment of the region to which they belong. Each time I will create a new one, I will update the file, and put a link for every new drawing! :) I hope you like (they are always in draft stage!)

I Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Vann (Water)
2) Demis (Psychic)
3) Teresa (Ground)
4) Piro (Fire)
5) Quinto (Grass)
6) Pinta (Electric)
7) Christian (Ice)
8) Massimo (Fighting)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Areste (Dark)
10) Perla (Acqua)
11) Lothar (Fighting)
12) Vittorio (Dragon)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Verbena

II Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Bianca (Normal)
2) Tea (Fighting)
3) Yago (Dark)
4) Pietro (Rock)
5) Violante (Flying)
6) Ulfo (Ghost)
7) Igno (Fire)
8) Herman (Psychic)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Azzurrina (Ice)
10) Saverio (Fire)
11) Celeste (Water) Elite Four - Second Generation - Celeste
12) Achille (Dragon) Elite Four - Second Generation - Achille
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Seth

III Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Cornelio (Bug) (Other versione)…
2) Riccio (Rock)
3) Dina (Dragon)
4) Eliana (Grass)
5) Oscar (Steel)
6) Roy (Ice)
7) Zeno (Poison)
8) Marina (Water)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Shiro (Flying)
10) Ettore (Fighting)
11) Ambra (Ghost)
12) Ginevra (Dragon)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Rain

IV Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Venanzio (Poison)
2) Flaminia (Fire)
3) Milena (Psychic)
4) Glenda (Ice)
5) Kevin (Electric)…
6) Apollo (Flying)
7) Cleo (Dark)
8) Libero (Water)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Fedro (Bug)
10) Palladia (Steel)
11) Battista (Grass)
12) Adamo (Normal)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Eva

V Generation
:bulletorange: Gym Leaders
1) Duccio (Ground)
2) Gilbert (Ice)
3) Rachele e Rebecca (Fighting)…
4) Ruggero (Rock)
5) Scarlet (Normal)
6) Araldo (Grass)
7) Susan (Bug)
8) Zelinda (Dragon)
:bulletred: Elite Four
9) Siriano (Psychic)
10) Norberto (Fire)
11) Prisco (Dark)
12) Elettra (Electric)
:bulletyellow: Champion
13) Lauer
Gym Leaders - First Generation by Cid-Fox
Gym Leaders - First Generation

Bullet; Blue Vann - The rival gym leader
Specialization: Water type fakemons
Badge: Bubble badge
Job: Not any
Info: Become temporarily gym leader because of the disappearance of his older brother. He would like to explore the region, but its duty to gym leader would prevent that.
City: Baia Azzurra
Age: 12
Like: Play football
Dislike: Stay in gym
Name meaning: From Norwegian Vann, Water
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Demis - The taciturn psychic
Specialization: Psychic type fakemons
Badge: Memory badge
Job: Not any
Info: As soon as he meets his opponents likes to show his extrasensory powers to intimidate. However it is a bluff, as are his fakemon to help him.
City: Attivopoli
Age: 19
Like: Reject objects
Dislike: Stroll
Name meaning: From Romanian Demis, reject
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Teresa - The impatient administrator
Specialization: Ground type fakemons
Badge: Fragment badge
Job: Grand mart administrator
Info: Pretends that everything is in order and this is why you see very often she around her grand mart. She had built the gym in the middle of the structure.
City: Mercatopoli
Age: 33
Like: Trades
Dislike: Strangers touching her things
Name meaning: From Italian terra, ground
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Piro - The elegant with fire soul
Specialization: Fire type fakemons
Badge: Perfection badge
Job: Model
Info: When he is away from his gym you can find it always with women. Leave a trail of broken hearts, but does not care. The morning loses much time to comb the tuft.
City: Landusia
Age: 19
Like: Beautiful women
Dislike: Autographs
Name meaning: From pirico
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Quinto - The brisk guitarist
Specialization: Grass type fakemons
Badge: Plectrum badge
Job: Rock musican
Info: Very often accompanies his talks with the guitar, even if you are just chatting. Color your hair with shades of green depending on his mood.
City: Costa Bruna
Age: 27
Like: Solo than 10 minutes
Dislike: Strigs that break
Name meaning: From italian quinto, that mean fifth (his order of gym leader)
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Pinta - The artistic spark
Specialization: Electric type fakemons
Badge: Spot badge
Job: Painter
Info: When must create a new painting leave for the travel for looking for inspiration. It is rumored to have a relationship with Massimo, because you see very often them together.
City: Porto Crescente
Age: 29
Like: Smell of painting
Dislike: Weak boys
Name meaning: From spanish pintar, to print
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Christian - The silent ice heart
Specialization: Ice type fakemons
Badge: Igloo badge
Job: Alpine ranger
Info: Fly on his Tankarug to search for missing people in the snow capped mountains. No joke very often, which is why his laughter are short and not very noisy.
City: Punta Silente
Age: 28
Like: Skate on ice
Dislike: Grocery shopping
Name meaning: From italian cristallo, crystal
Old version:

Bullet; Blue Massimo - The gritty expert
Specialization: Fighting type fakemons
Badge: Contact badge
Job: Kung Fu trainer
Info: When you accept a challenge official wearing his combat uniform. Helps the protagonist to fight Team Carbon very often during his adventure, but never reveal his identity.
City: Climatopoli
Age: 26
Like: Drawing fakemons
Dislike: Tomatoes
Name meaning: From italian massimo, higher, expert
Old version:
Gym Leaders - Third Generation by Cid-Fox
Gym Leaders - Third Generation

Bullet; Blue Cornelio - The curious researcher
Specialization: Bug type fakemons
Badge: Larva badge
Job: Professor Datura assistant
Info: Since childhood has been driven to study of fakemons, also to help his mother, the region professor. When observes bug fakemons in their natural habitat is completely alien.
City: Cosmopolopoli
Age: 24
Like: Vegetable soup
Dislike: Dust
Name meaning: From Cornelio name, that meaning abundance (because he has a large family)

Bullet; Blue Riccio - The treasures discoverer
Specialization: Rock type fakemons
Badge: Underground badge
Job: Geologist
Info: A close friend of Cornelius, trying in vain to make in him interest to geology. At leisure, offers fossils fakemon to young trainers.
City: Frattupoli
Age: 24
Like: Dig to time of music
Dislike: Wallowing in puddles
Name meaning: From riccio, italian meaning for swollen hair

Bullet; Blue Dina - The combative beast
Specialization: Dragon type fakemons
Badge: Energy badge
Job: Not any
Info: Has a gruff and unfeminine nature. She is convinced that behave like a dragon fakemon boost its ties with them.
City: Picco del drago
Age: 17
Like: Fizzy drinks
Dislike: Skirts
Name meaning: From dinosaurus

Bullet; Blue Eliana - The rose that blooms
Specialization: Grass type fakemons
Badge: Petal badge
Job: Flower girl
Info: Authoritarian and very cold with who does not understand the value of the flowers. Changes completely nature when someone shows interest to the things she likes.
City: Cala pittoresca
Age: 29
Like: Perfumes for women
Dislike: Braggarts
Name meaning: From liana, a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees

Bullet; Blue Oscar - The idol
Specialization: Steel type fakemons
Badge: Disk badge
Job: Famous rapper and actor
Info: He likes to talk very quickly and in rhyme. When he wants to relax, close his room door and puts loud music.
City: Coropoli
Age: 18
Like: Tap out the rhythm on the microphone
Dislike: The flash of cameras
Name meaning: From oscar, the nickname for one of the golden statuettes given as an Academy Award.

Bullet; Blue Roy - Man of trust
Specialization: Ice type fakemons
Badge: Subzero badge
Job: Tour guide
Info: When it snows sits in front of the window and observes the falling of snowflakes. Together with his wife, accompanies tourists atop Mount Gelo to admire the landscape of the area seen from above.
City: Gelonia
Age: 42
Like: Warm stews
Dislike: Colds
Name meaning: From Patrick Jaques Roy, a Canadian former ice hocket goaltender

Bullet; Blue Zeno - The hopeful ace
Specialization: Poison type fakemons
Badge: HM badge
Job: Emergency Medical Technician
Info: When the nuclear power plant was hit by an earthquake, bringing immense damage, he coordinated the work for the evacuation of the city. He continues to disinfect the area together with his team and his fakemons.
City: Remains of Progressopoli
Age: 39
Like: Watch the sunrise
Dislike: Natural disasters
Name meaning: From Zeno Cosini, the protagonist of the novel Confessions of Zeno by Italo Svevo

Bullet; Blue Marina - The wise specialist
Specialization: Water type fakemons
Badge: Reel badge
Job: Principal of the school for trainers
Info: Despite his age has no problem to practice surf. When he visits her students, used to ask simply questions to verify their preparation.
City: Baia Oceano
Age: 64
Like: Educated people
Dislike: swim in too cold water
Name meaning: From Marina, italian name
Professor - Third Generation - Datura by Cid-Fox
Professor - Third Generation - Datura

Bullet; Blue Datura
Job: Fakemon professor
Info: Studies the application of fakemon instruments in battle. His family is very respected. The oldest son, Cornelio, is the city's Gym Leader.
Città: Cosmopolopoli
Età: 53
Like: The warmth of the fireplace
Dislike: Taking the stairs
Name meaning: From Datura, a genus of plants of Solanaceae family.

Bullet; Blue Lillà
Job: Chemist and Professor assistant
Info: Develops chemical compounds to generate new power potions to be given to fakemon during test fights.
Città: Cosmopolopoli
Età: 17
Like: Coke
Dislike: Explosions
Name meaning: From Syringa, a genus of the Oleaceae family (Lillà in italian).

Bullet; Blue Pino
Job: Professor assistant
Info: It helps the mother and sister, who are very messy. In his free time studying, and goes to the gym's brother Cornelio.
Città: Cosmopolopoli
Età: 8
Like: Cornelio's bug fakemons
Dislike: Broccoli
Name meaning: From Peanut

Starter Fakemon set:

Pokeball #262 Splaard 262 - Splaard

Pokeball #265 Baflamm 265 - Baflamm

Pokeball #268 Mimicun 268 - Mimicun

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